SODALITE sodalite

Hello to all of you masters! I would like to introduce myself. I am called Sodalite. I’ve been asked a number of times about my name and where I come from so I will tell you what I understand.  It seems that I have high levels of sodium, hence the name. I’m also made up of aluminum silicate with chlorine. I live in several areas in Canada, Brazil, Russia and even here in the United States in Maine and Arkansas. Physically, I am a dark blue color, often times with some white. If you didn’t know better, I might be mistaken for Lapis Lazuli but that doesn’t have the pure white as often. I also work much differently than the Lapis but we can both work the throat chakra. I’m not as high a frequency as Lapis but I do have my place in the scheme of things! Rarely, I’m formed as crystals but primarily compact masses. You might find me fairly translucent but more often I’m very opaque. Artisans have carved me into many shapes such as hearts, pyramids, spheres, eggs and wands. I particularly like being transformed into jewelry for the masters to wear! My greatest love, tholapis-lazuliugh, is helping all of you to heal.

Although I don’t much like admitting I’m weak, I am, so I always get help and support from other stones such as white Fluorite or clear Quartz. I’m like a mild antibiotic such as penicillin. Lapis is my friend and we both can be very assistive in dissolving intuitive or spiritual indigestion where the emotional nature has gone into such conflict that perhaps the physical belly is responding. Belly ache, anyone? What can’t you stomach? There is a tremendous amount of poor digestion in this time because so many entities are confronting aspects of themselves that don’t set well with them. If you would place me in the solar plexus and my friend the Lapis over the third eye, the energy and information that would be bridged there would draw down higher levels of understanding and help them to be palatable, more acceptable and also more understandable. You could say I’m almost like an interpreter stone that would bring higher levels of information into a more grounded or easily understood point for humanity. How’s that for being on the weak side??!

As all of you out there are spiraling upward so are the kingdoms of rocks and minerals. We are becoming more of who we truly are and are very pleased when you masters recognize and utilize that for your healing. Underquartz-shapesstand that we mirror each other and let’s enjoy our continued growth!

Thank you for allowing me to interact with you at this time. Should you have any questions, please call my Woman of Crystals.

Eternal Ice Enterprises

Linda Thomas