Hello friends and a happy birthday to all those born in the sign of Taurus. My dad was a Taurus, born on May 1st, and the single thing I remember most was his love of the land. He was a dairy farmer who never tired of the work. The rest of the family, not so much!

My husband and I recently vacationed in Nevada, visiting family. Traveling in the northern states this time of year is iffy at best. This April we had snow and rain that turned to ice, fierce winds that created horizontal snow, morosely overcast skies and even occasionally, a sunny day. Not good traveling weather. As we prepared to start home, we watched the weather channel on TV religiously. There was a huge snow storm across the central and south east part of Wyoming that had closed our two interstates. Our road home would take us close to the storm but we just might slip by.

My least favorite thing to do is to travel on winter roads! All was well as we drove out of Nevada and across Utah, on into Wyoming. I was getting a little antsy and suggested we stop at the first town we came to and have something to eat. While there, I called my friends, Molly and Dorian, and asked about the one nasty mountain pass we had to cross. The information was not all that encouraging so we decided to spend the night there. The next morning we started out and the going was great. The roads were fine but we had yet to get to the pass, two hundred miles down the road. The closer we got the more I felt the fear. I suppose everyone, at one time or another, has imagined horrible things that might happen. I certainly know deep down that I am loved and protected and I affirm that daily. But still those thoughts creep in. What if we got stranded? Have we got enough food and water with us? Can we keep warm? Crazy, huh? OK, I’ll put that on the violet flame to transmute into something positive. What if we are hit and injured? Violet flame! And so on. Yes, the pass was covered in snow and ice and the wind was howling. But, we made it down safely and all was well. I sure was glad to be home!! And that long story brings me to some of the stones that might be used to deal with fear. I’ve covered some of them before but I feel it is important to review the issue of fear from time to time.

There are many kinds of fear. We can fear for our lives, we fear letting go of what is familiar and stepping into what is not and we fear we are not good enough, that no one will love us, that we will not have enough money to live. It really is time to step out of that fear and into love.barite




First on my list of stones is Barite. I have this crystal in blue and gold colors. Both work with cutting away and rapidly eliminating our fears.




Most yellow stones aid in dispelling fear and the yellow Calcite is one of them. This is very soothing when used in the bath. I would recommend using white Calcite with this as it will magnify and accelerate the energies.





Of course we’ve talked about Carnelian before. A personal power stone, it helps one to come into that power because it assists in setting fear aside. It allows more of the focus on power and clearer understanding of what power really is. How wonderful to be empowered rather than whimpering in fear!







The Lemon Quartz is another of the yellow stones that are so powerful. This crystal will work with the fear but a little differently than other stones. This will not just transmute the fear but will bring a greater understanding of ‘what can I see instead and how can I replace the fear, how do I fill the void’?


And so, my wish is that everyone may walk in love and forgive the fear! Including myself!

The Crystal Healing I class is fast approaching so anyone who is interested, please make your arrangements with me. The dates are May 18th and 19th. This is an ideal class for anyone wishing to learn more about how the crystals and stones work. We have a lot of fun!!

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