Feng Shui Elements, Gemstones & You


Feng Shui Elements, Gemstones & You

Hello, everyone! I am so happy to have recovered from the carpal tunnel procedure and can now enjoy using the computer and writing legibly once again! It looks like spring has sprung with only a few bumps and I have pussy willows!

For this month, I’m delving into the Feng Shui elements and some of the gemstones associated with them. According to the ancient Chinese, all things in the universe can be divided into five elements: water, fire, wood, metal and earth. These elements symbolize the process of change. Interactions between the elements produce a continual cycle of growth and decay. The Chinese Feng Shui elements also have attributes such as directions and seasons so let’s explore that a little as it relates to areas of your home.

The five elements, their directions, the ideal gemstone and an alternate are as follows.peridot


Fire                         South                     Peridot                   Obsidian


Metal                     West                       Malachite              Azurite


Wood                     East                        Jet                           Amber


Earth                      Southwest             Andalusite             Tourmaline



Water                     North                      Opal                       Pearl


Most of us desire prosperity and success in our lives. If you would place Peridot in the south sector of your home or a particular room, it will aid in attracting success. The size of the stone is not as important as the intent you use when placing the stone in a particular andaluciteplace. Clarity of intention is essential to manifest desires into the physical world.


The weather and seasons affect the energy of a room or house and the potency of an element. On cloudy, rainy days we feel down because of the strength of the darkness, dampness and chill-yin energy. On such a day, bring up the yang energy in your space by emphasizing fire energy. Place Peridot in areas that need a lift. Since the strength of fire is opaldiminished in the cold, in the winter months you may want to keep extra Peridot and other fire-invoking gemstones such as the Obsidian to place around your home. As fire is strongest in the summer, you would put the extra stones away. The fire element is amplified during the full moon which makes it an ideal time to cleanse your stones.


Remember the elemental cycles of increase and decrease. The use of Jet in the southern direction will help to increase fire, as Jet represents wood which builds fire. Opal–which represents water–placed in the South would subdue the effects of fire, as water extinguishes fire. If you would like to tone down the fire element, use a bit of Andalusite, which represents earth, in the South. Earth controls fire but does not destroy it.

As we make the transition from winter to summer, hopefully this information will be helpful. Next month we’ll go into some of the other elements.

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Have a great month and Happy Birthday to all the Taurus people out there!

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