A big hello from big, wonderful Wyoming! The rain has finally stopped and it has warmed up some. Even though everything was frozen solid two weeks ago, the trees are wonderfully golden and some plants managed to put out some flowers like the phoenix rising from the ashes. What a glorious time of year!

My whole life I’ve been challenged with fear. Most of us are and I’m sure we have our own unique ways of dealing with it. I tend to not think about it a great deal until it really gets in my face. Hello? Anyone in there? To me some of the greatest fear occurs when you watch a loved one succumb to the ravages of dementia or discovering that the love of your life might be facing cancer once again. When it is said that fear is based on the unknown, I really understand that and in this case, it looks like this translates into a fear of death. To stay in the moment becomes a monumental task even though you understand everything is perfect in that moment. What a waste of energy to worry and fear something that may never happen or never be so huge you can’t handle it. And that brings me to the crystals, our magical helpers from the earth. calcite

As you find yourself immersed in fear, I’ve found that the perfect crystals will find their way to you. Several weeks ago, our son and daughter-in-law came to visit and brought with them some of the most beautiful golden Barite I’ve ever seen. A friend of theirs had a number of pieces that he wanted to sell so they were brought to me. It was so divinely appropriate that these landed in my lap as Barite may be used in the cutting away of fear and limitation when one is truly seeking to do that. There are other stones that may be used for eliminating fear. Green Calcite is very soothing and works with moods and stabilizing emotional energies. Fear is nothing if not emotional.

The nature of death is changing as are all things. It was truly a big piece of the game of separation. When we understand that when death becomes transformation instead of transition, we will experience the subtle shifting of the consciousness from the terror of death to the passion for ascension. The Chrysanthemum Stone assists immensely in getting us into that space.

And so, on and on it goes. Hopefully, we will find our center and the divine love there. One cannot experience love and fear at the same moment so love is the answer to the fear. Now, to live it!

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Linda Thomas