Dealing with Depression


Dealing with Depression

Hello everyone! Summer is upon us and at least it is a little warmer. The garden is up and growing fast and I am so enjoying a yard rife with flowers. actinolite

It seems that everywhere you turn now people are experiencing depression. Sometimes they will say, ‘Oh, I lost my job and I am so depressed!’ Other times it’s that they are gaining weight or their health isn’t good. Whatever they lay the depression on, consider that it is their greater good attempting to get their attention. When one has asked for greater awareness, their limitations are being put away.  In this instance, we would use stones that would accelerate us beyond ourselves because when we are trapped in the limit we are depressed because we are not this anymore. Because we have asked to know, now we would find it. It is the butterfly coming out of the chrysalis; there must be an opening or rising of the energy. The Actinolite would aid in raising the vibratory rate of the entire being. It would be especially beneficial for the heart chakra and would allow an integration of new awareness gained and a connection with All-That-Is.

To bring greater joy into our lives, use Dioptase and/or Atacamite. As joy vibrates in the cellular structure of the physical body, Atacamite, as it is used, will bring into the physical affairs, into the daily life a greater sense of jatacamiteoy, delight with being and a greater sense of well-being. It would assist in sweetening the emotional nature and uplifting the heart and the mind and making the sense of joy real in this illusion. Dioptase amplifies joy. Use with Citrine to alleviate fear and bring a more delightful encounter with life. Fear is a real part of depression as we journey into the unknown.

As we begin to accelerate and open up our energy, we always require the balance the masculine and feminine energies. When we expand beyond what we have been, we require androgyny, the sacred marriage, the union of self. Blue and pink Andean Opals are ideal for creating that balance. You would use the blue Opal on the left or feminine side of the body and the pink Opal on the right or masculine side of the body for the balance.

As we allow the acceleration of energy and embrace the joy within us, we will find that the depression is just a memory. So be it!

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