Crystals in Myth and History



Crystals in Myth and History


Hello friends, old and new. I don’t know where January went but here we are in February and I expect it will pass just as quickly. Hold on to your hat!!! obsidian

I was thinking about this column and the stones I’ve talked about over the years. That brought me to the point of wondering about the origins, myths and history of them and how they were used over the centuries. Some things I knew but there are always more to learn.

Today I will touch on a few stones that are volcanic in origin. The first, Obsidian, cannot be called a stone as it is volcanic glass. It is formed from rapidly cooling lava and is only found in volcanic areas. Obsidian has been used for arrowheads and knives since the Stone Age. In Central America, where there is a plentiful supply of Obsidian, the Aztecs fashioned clubs, axes and swords from the ‘stone’. In Europe during the Middle Ages, Obsidian was a popular material used for spheres and magical mirrors for scrying (the art of seeing into the future or into other worlds.)

As a material that is thrown with dramatic force from the depths of the earth and carries that energy, many believe it brings hidden emotions to the surface. This makes it extremely useful in releasing long-held stresses and buried traumaperidots. Like a volcanic eruption, this process may be a turbulent, unpleasant experience while it is going on, bringing old wounds, fears and anxieties to the surface before they are released. Transformation always brings change and change can sometimes be difficult to accept. Nevertheless, change is necessary if we are to grow. Obsidian will aid in releasing outdated, unwanted remnants of our lives so that we can move forward unencumbered by the past.

Peridot is another crystal from deep within the earth. The first recorded use of Peridot as a gem was in 1500 BCE. It was mined on the Egyptian island of Zeberget. The green gems that Cleopatra wore when she met Julius Caesar were said, at that time, to be Emeralds that were mined in Egypt. Historians now believe those sparkling crystals were Peridot as no Emerald mines have ever been recorded in Egypt.

There is a place in southeastern Arizona on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation called Peridot Mesa where the precious green gems can be found in quantity. When the reservation was formed no one but the Indians knew about the stones. Over the years, the tribe has worked to see that only members of the tribe can collect there. Now, owners of a few claims will allow outsiders in for a fee. I’ll bet it would be worth it to hunt these little jewels! As this crystal promotes unconditional love and assists one to understand who he truly is, most would benefit from its use. celestite

Celestite is a soft crystal with a wondrous sky-blue translucence and powerful energies. It usually forms as the result of volcanic activity. In India, it traditionally was used in religious functions. Priests in Bengal would throw Celestite powder onto fires to produce a vivid crimson flame. This igniting property is now used to make flares, fireworks and tracer bullets. It is also used in some types of food processing as well as in the making of glass and ceramics.

Celestite has amazing relaxing and uplifting abilities. It can help to relieve feelings of sadness, heaviness or depression. It can bring about a calm, joyous state where the subtle realms and finer levels of reality seem to be more easily accessible. All of these qualities make Celestite a valuable stone for meditation and intuitive frames of mind. It is a very beautiful crystal!

Have an amazing February and create some joyful times for yourself! To contact me call any time.


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