Crystal Healing

Welcome to my world filled with the wonder and power of crystals and stones. Are you searching for techniques to heal yourself? Would you like to integrate the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself? Perhaps you would like to learn enough to begin to help others with their challenges. A crystal class will facilitate an understanding of how to accomplish your goals. But first, we must heal ourselves.

I am teaching classes in crystal healing, not only for us and the humans in our lives but also for our many pets. It is important for all living things to experience healing for our future ongoing. The basic class for animals addresses what stones to use for their various issues and where to place them. Animals are easily overwhelmed and crystals are very powerful.

When I was in my certification class, I had no idea what the stones could do nor how the energy would affect me. I saw how emotional my classmates became and decided then and there that I wouldn’t have any part of that. WRONG! As I was laying there with the crystals and stones on my body, I let it all hang out! Crystals will always throw you into a healing. They are perfection and endeavor to bring you into a state of perfection also.

Each of the Crystal Healing classes is a weekend event. Most days are 6 hours in class unless we get sidetracked and run longer! The charge is $200.00 per person per weekend. Some meals are provided as well as lodging for those coming from a distance. Most of the stones talked about are available for purchase. At the end of the second class you will receive a certificate indicating you are a certified crystal healer.

If you are unable to attend a class, there are dvd’s available of each of the classes. We filmed an actual class and all stones are enlarged pictures so you can see them well. Most of you will want to attend the second class as it really is hands-on. If you would like to attend the classes and also purchase a dvd, the price will be reduced by 25%. The price on the dvd’s is $200.00, the same as the class, but you have the advantage of being able to look at it over and over.

If this information whets your appetite, sign up for a class and discover the healing light and power that is within you! I look forward to meeting you!


Most of us have pets and/or animals around us. As with humans, they also require nurturing and healing at times. There are a number of different ways to help them using crystal healing. Stones can be placed in their drinking water or attached to their collars. You can use the wands and massage tools to gently massage them. They, and you, will benefit greatly because most of their challenges mirror what you are experiencing.

I teach classes on animal healing and there are books available on crystal healing for animals. It’s time to consider the other life forms we share the earth with.

Energy knows no boundaries. If someone can’t get to a healer (keeping in mind that we heal ourselves) they may benefit from a healing at a distance. I will ask a potential client to send me a recent photo so I can tune in to them and then proceed as if they were there. I have an outline of a body on the massage table and place their picture at the head. I then place the stones as directed on the outline and then record the stones I’m using and why. I also will include a picture so they can see the layout of the stones. I will also ask that the client reserve some quiet time to tune in to the energy.

It is amazing what can be accomplished when we allow ourselves to experience the healing energy around us.