Changes Within


Changes Within

Another month has come and gone along with all the ups and downs in the weather. Today our sky was a brilliant blue with a few white puffy clouds but as they say in Wyoming, if you don’t like the weather now, wait a few minutes. By mid-morning the sky was black and menacing along with a strong wind. Then we began to get warnings of a tornado which touched down 30 miles from us! We got pea sized hail and rain but no damage. Now, the sky is a brilliant blue with a few white puffy clouds!! Here in Wyoming we really aren’t used to this kind of weather. I am really aware of the changing weather patterns and our awesome creations!

The changes are coming fast and furious. While looking through my stone information, I chose a variety that would help us through some of the greater challenges we might have. aurachalcite

AURACHALCITE is an exquisite turquoise-blue crystal that is a conductor for clarity, the opening of the heart and listening to the truth of Self within. It washes the painful places where truth has been denied and aligns the will which allows the entity to understand more clearly the divine directive. By its color, it is a great healer. By its essence, it is extremely high energy. It may be used to heal the disturbance of spirit and those wounds created in other lifetimes that have never been forgiven and affect and flaw the body.

Considering the conditions of the times, it is good to remember ‘peaceful warrior’. EPIDOTE is a stone that brings the remembering through cellular soul memory. Wisdom is being at one with your God-self and forgiving any warlike destructive thoughts toward yourself or any other. This is a reminder for those who are particularly warlike, for it has a peaceful grounding effect but not tranquilization, for tranquility can almost lead tepidote-quartzo a sleep state. Serenity leads to the peace that allows the listening for the future ongoing. EPIDOTE works more with serenity and paying attention to divine action.

EPIDOTE/QUARTZ is an evolutionary stone. It draws into the entity the awareness of nova, from old order to new order. Where the old order is breaking down, breaking apart, the new order is exploding on the scene within self. The energy, the ‘ah ha’, the flood of information; many are simply feeling as though they can’t bear up under it. There are so many ideas, so much to do and so little time but into this, the time-space continuum is collapsing. This is the stone of the returning of the energy of time and space to the human being. orpiment

Another stone that might be very helpful for us is ORPIMENT. It is very connected to energies and memories of Atlantis when spirit was beginning to invest itself more and more in physical form. In these times, this would be very connected to cauldron magik and to the essence and energy of the fire that burns in the solar plexus, the refinement of the golden energy of spirit that burns in the central part of the body. The root chakra certainly is as volcanic activity and yet, this holy fire that burns in the area of the solar plexus, transmuting the old laws and judgments, is very much assisted by and manifested in a physical form through this stone.

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Walk in love and peace and to all those Gemini’s out there, Happy Birthday!