Animals and Humans—A Magikal Connection


Animals and Humans—A Magikal Connection

Happy June to all of you. The weather is definitely moderating and I’m really enjoying that. The flower boxes and garden have been planted, a lot of weeds have been pulled and life is good!

Anyone who knows Bob and me, knows we love our cats. We have two old orange tabbies, Apollo and Zeus, who came to us as babies and are now fifteen years old. That is really remarkable as we live next to a busy road. Lucky Lady was a feral kitten who decided she wanted to become a house cat. The boys get to love her as she won’t take no for an answer! A lot of the time you will find all of the cats, as well as my husband, curled up in his chair fast asleep. You might say they are having a cat nap! amethyst

As I watched the cats this morning, I thought how magical our connection was. Animals tend to take on our miseries and definitely help us to heal. Shouldn’t we help them in every way possible? So many of stones that help us humans to heal can also benefit our animals. We are often plagued by ticks and mosquitoes and even fleas sometimes if our pets have them.

Keeping in mind that animals are quite elemental in nature, we would use only the very basic stones to help them. Some stones can be used in the drinking water and others could be placed where they tend to sleep most of the time.

Amethyst is the ideal stone to protect your pet from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes when placed in the drinking water. Be sure the stone is large enough to prevent choking or attach it in some way to the dish. Amethyst would also enhance the energy of the water. Put some in your drinking water, too. It is wonderful. fluorite

Fluorite, blue and purple, would be most beneficial for cleansing because animals tend to pick up the same negative energies in their auric fields that humans do. Very often animals will pick up from us what we call riders. Do not put this in water.

Malachite, when used in conjunction with Turquoise, will soothe pain and injuries and assist the animal to process and allow for the healing. This stone is very healing and will work with humans as well. As with the Fluorite, this should not be put in water.

Lepidolite works with animals that are hyper by nature and when used with Obsidian and/or Hematite, will help to ground them. It is natural lithium and would aid us with our many strelepidolitesses.malachite This stone could be made into an elixir and the water drunk.

There are other stones that might be helpful with the animals. If you have any questions and desire more information, please contact me. In the meantime, enjoy your journey!

Linda Thomas

Eternal Ice Enterprises