Linda Thomas Biography

Growing up in Powell, Wyoming, I led a sheltered life. Powell is a small town of 5,800 people near Yellowstone National Park. It is a wonderful place to live and there is also an abundance of rocks! Since early childhood, I’ve picked up stones that called to me. Some weren’t even that pretty to look at! But, I loved them all.

As my children grew up and left home, I began to feel a longing to explore a mystical, spiritual life. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I had many teachers and experiences that led me along my path. One day a friend and I were lamenting the fact that we could never find the books or information we were looking for. Most bookstores at that time had a dark corner for ‘occult books’ and didn’t offer much. Much to my surprise, the next day in our newspaper was an ad for our local bookstore saying it was for sale! I bought it! I gave up a good paying job but gained a world of experience and met incredible people. I began to add self-help books and tapes, tarot cards and crystals to the inventory. This created an interesting conflict with some of the local churches but that’s another story.

My love affair with crystals began in the bookstore. I read everything I could find on crystal healing which really wasn’t very much. When a friend stopped by one day to tell me about a crystal certification class that was beginning, I was thrilled. I made a two hundred mile round trip once a week during the winter to attend that class. When our instructor began to demonstrate a crystal layout for us, I wanted to tell her to step aside because I knew how to do this! And I didn’t even know the names of most of the crystals! I feel very fortunate to have found my life’s calling in that instant. I received my certification in crystal healing in January of 1988 and never looked back.

I came to realize that I was working with the Ascended Masters in my work. They gave me information on how to use the crystals that added to my inner knowing and the information I received in my dreams. They guided me throughout my healing sessions and continue to do so. Through the process of laying stones on the body, an integration of the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies is achieved. Layouts are done on both the front and back of the body and vary greatly in intensity. The stones interact with one another in such a way as to create deep levels of healing if one will allow.

I have traveled all over the country doing lectures, classes and healing sessions. I have met the most incredible people and have remained friends with many of them over the years. And one thing has never changed—my love of the crystals! I look forward to many more years spent in the energy of these crystalline beings!