A Personal Journey


A Personal Journey

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful summer. It went from cool to HOT here but then it usually does in this area. Gives us a contrast and something to complain about! aragonite

For the last ten months I have been challenged once again with changes in my body. About Thanksgiving time I developed a serious rash on my hands and arms. After about a month of attempting to discover the cause, I saw a dermatologist who did a biopsy on it to rule out a fungus and then suggested that perhaps I was allergic to a medication I was taking or even one or more of the supplements I take on a daily basis. And so began the elimination process. When nothing changed, I finally sat down with my nutritionist and asked him if it might be the food I was eating. After muscle testing for various food groups, it turns out I am very sensitive to all grains, fruit, dairy and sugar! I was not all that surprised because I am in touch with my body (most of the time!) and have been doing what I can to bring my body to a greater place of wellness. I had

allowed myself to slip back into some not-so-healthy habits over the holidays and was seeing the result of that. I would bet that there are few of us that aren’t addicted, a little or a lot, to sugar as most of us grew up with candy and sodas, cake and cookies. Remember the line, ‘clean up you plate and you can have dessert’? And so it goes. I stopped eating all of the above foods and the change is dramatic. I’m still detoxing and once in a while there is a flare-up but I am healing. aventurinerose-quartz

As I was mulling over all this information and wondering why I was having such a reaction to the foods, the major feeling I got was that the energies are changing more and more and we don’t require heavy foods for our nourishment. Duh! Also, we all know the foods we purchase are corrupted in a variety of ways, from processing to pesticides. I am so grateful for our garden and access to organic food.

As I’ve gone through this process, I’ve utilized the energy of the stones. A number of stones help with addictions and compulsions. Apatite and Aragonite are two that are helpful. Also, if we allowed ourselves to have the love of self in our lives, would we be so susceptible to the abuse of our bodies? Here we would use the Rose Quartz and Aventurine, the pink and green Tourmaline and Kunzite. Carborundum is excellent for removing toxins from the body.

One last thought:  we must give our bodies permission to keep up with the great upward spiraling of our energy and feed it appropriately. Apatite Crystals copycarborundum

To contact me, please call. Have a joyful journey!

Linda Thomas

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